Friday, 24 July 2015

Jobs That Usually Require Pre-employment Screening

If you are looking for a job, you may be asked by one of your potential employers to have a pre-employment screening done. This means that they will investigate your background to discover things that could make you less fit for the job, such as a criminal history. They may also test you for drug and alcohol abuse. Here are a few professions that will usually require some sort of pre-employment screening:

1. Healthcare
If you are looking for a job in the healthcare industry, more than likely you will need to pass a background check. You will also be tested for drug and alcohol use so that you can make wise decisions when dealing with patients.

2. Banking
Becoming a bank teller requires integrity and honesty. As a result, your potential employer will want to conduct screening in order to make sure that you have been truthful about your skills, experience, history and any other claims you have made. They will also require a drug test to make sure you do not have cause to steal from them.

3. Construction
Although employers may choose how extensively they want to screen you before they hire you to be a construction worker, you can definitely expect to be tested for drug and alcohol abuse. This is a dangerous position where you will be using heavy equipment. Not only could you seriously injure yourself if you are under the influence, but you are also putting others at risk.

Although many professions require some type of pre-employment screening, you can expect these jobs to test you for drug abuse and possibly more when you apply. For more information on pre-employment screening in San Diego, please visit this website.

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