Friday, 24 July 2015

Four Drugs that Will Cause You to Fail a Urine Test

Failing a drug test when you are not a drug user can be very embarrassing. Here are four everyday things that you should not partake of before being drug tested for your next possible job.

1. Azo
This medication is used to cure a urinary tract or bladder infection. It can mistakenly show THC in your system and cause your urine to be bright red. The color will flag the test giver, and you can then explain the medication you are taking and the reason for its use.

2. Adderall
Many people have been diagnosed with ADD, and the number seems to be rising every day. The drug Adderall is prescribed for this condition, and it is made of amphetamines. Bring your prescription when you get tested to prove that you do not use amphetamines illegally.

3. Advil
Some tests can incorrectly link ibuprofen as THC, which is the ingredient in marijuana that makes you high. Skip the ibuprofen if you have a headache the day before you take your urine test.

4. Nyquil
Nyquil can be mistaken for many hard-core drugs. The primary ingredient is pseudoephedrine, which is basically a synthetic amphetamine. Pseudoephedrine is sometimes used to make meth, and that is why Nyquil is no longer sold over the counter. Even if you are suffering from a cold, tough it out and wait to take this medicine after your drug test.

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